St Sarkis Church Sunday School

Sunday School

We would like to welcome you to our Christian Education classes held on Sundays.

We want you to know that we feel blessed to have the opportunity to share our love of our Orthodox Faith and our Church with the beautiful children of our parish.

The teaching of the faith is a unique gift offered by our Armenian Orthodox Church. It is free of charge. Our program is run by volunteers and by parishioner support of donations and fundraising programs. 

Here is what your children will learn by attending our Sunday School.

Materials –

  • “We Believe “ Curriculum 
  • Christian Education
  •  Orthodox Church Traditions
  • History of the Armenian Church
  • Bible Lessons
  • Sharagans
  • Armenian Prayers

We are committed to teaching each child in a safe and loving environment.

We invite to be with your child as we attend church, take communion and listen to the sermon.

If you are interested please talk to Fr. Zaven or Parish Council representative at the office.

Armenian Church Sunday School

Mission Statement

“The mission of the parish Sunday School of the Western Diocese is to nurture students to develop and enhance their relationship with our Lord and savior Jesus Christ and the church, through living and reflecting the teachings of the Gospel in accordance with the canons and traditions of the Armenian Apostolic Holy Church”

24626 Kansas Street
Newhall, CA 91321
Telephone: 661-505-7260 Divine Liturgy: Sundays 10:30am to 12:30pm