The feast of the Assumption Celebration

Dear faithful,

This Sunday we will celebrate one of the five major celebrations of our church, the Assumption of the Holy Mother of God. The feast of the Assumption is the acknowledgment of the sacred earthly life of the Holy Mother of God.

There is so much love and care in this church celebration. Both of them we need today more than ever. This year we celebrate Asdvadzadzin with different emotions and feelings.  The Assumption of the Holy Mother of God can be perfect comfort for all of us. It can change the commotions of this current life. 

We invite you all to come and join us this Sunday to celebrate Asdvadzadzin, to pray for all people in the world asking for Her intercession. 

St. Sarkis ladies Society will provide a lunch with little different conditions, because of current especial circumstances. We would like to thank our Ladies Society for their efforts and readiness in this very difficult time. 

We ask you to maintain social distancing and face mask wearing guidelines while attending the Divine Liturgy.   

We ask that all of you take preventative measures to help stop the spread of this virus. 

Rev. Fr. Zaven Markosyan